Study in Milano

The right place to learn Italian in the most stimulating and effective way.


Born in September 2016 in Milan, following a twenty-year experience gained in Asia in the field of language training and in teaching and promotion of Italian language and culture of the founders Luca Saccogna and Yan Zhang.

The experience of teaching and the fact of belonging to two different cultures (Italian and Chinese) allow us to understand perfectly the difficulties of the students in learning a foreign language and therefore to create courses suited to their needs.


EURASIA LANGUAGE ACADEMY is a school of Italian for foreigners and European and Asian languages.

We strongly believe that communication is not only a means but also and above all a value, as an enrichment; for this reason we provide a wide didactic support not only to make learning the language in a short time, in an effective and enjoyable way, but also to make the culture known through events, visits, activities and meetings and above all by providing us as learning "partners", suggesting to the individual student how to progress optimally.


it is based on a direct and functional-communicative approach that involves students from the first contact putting them at the center of the learning process. Our teachers are qualified native speakers, experts always updated on the most innovative language teaching techniques.

The emphasis is on the involvement of students rather than on passive study, also leveraging their imagination and intuitive ability: teachers use textbooks but use other authentic material and specific participatory techniques (role plays, dramatizations, discussions in the classroom, work in small groups, film screenings, use of computers) that make language learning easier, more enjoyable and more effective.

The courses are divided into modules covering different aspects of language learning:

1. Linguistic skills (conversation, listening, reading and understanding and writing).
2. Focusing on grammar in order to address specific aspects of language learning.
3. Strengthen pronunciation, intonation and spelling.