Special Courses

Academic Italian

Welcome! You are able to comunicate in everyday life. Or at least, youhave no problems making people understand you. You would like to understand university lessons and pass exams! This course is designed to help those students that, like you, need to make further progress in order to follow lessons in Fine Arts Academy, Conservatory or a Fashion Design school. You will learn to express yourself in various situations speaking in an effective and relaxed way with professors and university employees. Our courses will help you, not only to learn Italian language and culture, but also to develop your ability to communicate, which is fundamental for your study journey in Italy and everyday life. You will learn standard Italian and specific terminology useful for your studies to the extent of being able to master the language!

These courses are divided in classes of an intermediate/advanced level, from 4 to 10 students maximum.

ACADEMIC ITALIAN COURSE (3 times a week for 3 hours per lesson)

Length Lessons Price Price per Lesson
11 Weeks 99 1090 € 11 €
22 Weeks 198 1980 € 10 €
33 Weeks 297 2675 € 9 €
44 Weeks 396 3170 € 8 €

1 lesson lasts 50 minutes

ACADEMIC ITALIAN COURSE (2 times a week for 3 hours per lesson)

Length Lessons Price Price per Lesson
11 Weeks 66 790 € 12 €
22 Weeks 132 1450 € 11 €
33 Weeks 198 1980 € 10 €
44 Weeks 264 2400 € 9 €

1 lesson lasts 50 minutes

Buisiness Italian, Chinese, Japanese and English

EURASIA LANGUAGE ACADEMY prepares specific courses for managers and companies who need to learn Italian for work related reasons, business relations with Italian companies or to undertake entrepreneurial operations with the Italian world.

In addition to courses at our school we have a “dispatched” formula where the course is taken directly at your office or at your company. Every single course is programmed with didactic contents based on the level and the requirements of the student with the objective, even starting from scratch, to arrive at a adequate “Business Italian”. All courses, according to your goals and requests, can be enriched with accessory didactics (extra tutorials?) via telephone or Skype. Please contact us, with no obligation, to illustrate your project and your requirements and we will do our best to be of use!